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  • Die Bergische Universität Wuppertal vergibt für das Sommersemester 2020 die “Uni@Home Sonderlehrpreise“
    Hier geht es zur Ausschreibung “Uni@Home Sonderlehrpreise“ [more]
  • BolognaCheck - Ergebnisse der Studierendenbefragungen (EVA-QUEST) aus den Fakultäten
    Hier finden Sie die Ergebnisse des BolognaChecks 2017-18 der einzelnen Fakultäten (Link). [more]
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Central Complaints Office

The Rectorate has set up a central contact point for student submissions relating to the quality of the teaching and study conditions which cannot be handled within the department concerned or by the decentralised school quality commissioners.

Doctoral students are requested to contact the Center for Graduate Studies (ZGS).


Contact information and office hours:

By contact form (click here)

Phone: (02 02) 439 - 2917

Fax: (02 02) 439 - 3365

Office hours are listed here.


Julia Frey is also a member of the spokesperson team of the "bundesweiten Netzwerks der Beschwerde- und Verbesserungsmanager_innen sowie Ombudspersonen” [National Network of Complaints and Improvement Managers and Ombudspersons], in short BeVeOm)